Whittakers and Bundaberg collab to hit shelves from next Monday

If you love both chocolate and ginger beer, your dreams might have just come true!

New Zealand brand Whittaker's has partnered with Australia's iconic Bundaberg to create a new limited edition Whittaker's Brewed Ginger Caramel that combines these two (very different) products.

Chocolate and ginger beer lovers will able to try this new flavour from next week, as it hits the shelves for the general public on Monday the 24th.

The much anticipated ginger caramel filling is made from Bundaberg's ginger brew, This is the same brew that is used to make its much-loved ginger beer, but without the fizz.

In a statement, the companies said the partnership reflects the special nature of the transtasman relationship, the synergy between these two family-owned brands, and the resilience of both in working together virtually to create an exciting new product at such a challenging time.

Whittaker's co-chief operating officer, Holly Whittaker, says the two brands' equally strong focus on quality was important to both in deciding to collaborate on product development.

"Whittaker's is proud to use only the finest ingredients and make all of our chocolate at our one factory in Porirua, which enables us to control quality from roasting the cocoa beans ourselves to the finished products," Whittaker said.

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