Would you rather give up your dog or your smartphone for a month?

A new American based survey has revealed some pretty crazy results,

people admitting they would rather give up their dog for a month than go without their phone!

An online SMS marketing platform, surveyed over 1,000 American smartphone users to see what sacrifices they would make to keep their cellphones handy.

According to the survey, 40% (close to half) of survey participants said they would rather be separated from their dog for a month over their smartphone!

This might sound a little extreme but pets are even more popular than romantic partners when having to choose between them and a cellphone. The same survey found that 44% of respondents would give up seeing their significant other for a month to keep their smartphone in hand.

The survey also questioned Americans' willingness to give up alcohol, Netflix, and coffee.

72% of people said they would rather be separated from alcohol over their smartphone for a month.

64% said they'd rather give up coffee than their phone

And 47% said they would rather live with their in-laws for a month rather than give up their smartphone for the same length of time.

Would you give up your dog or romantic partner for a month in exchange for your phone?

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